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Behold the Mangum

October 7, 2011

Once you hear Jeff’s voice you are hooked. You won’t forget it.

Once you hear In the Aeroplane Over the Sea you are changed.  Or you should be. Or are and don’t know it.

Once you hear the quaver and quiver and warmth and harshness you are there. Forever there


Ok when Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 ends if you are not in tears then please stop reading this post.

NHM in 2 full lengths has come to mean so much in people’s lives that it’s difficult to even approach them with anything like objectivity.

But I DO know the 0s and 1s etched in the plastic that contain On Avery Island and Aeroplane are proof that it is the art therein and not the medium in the jewel case or the .mp3 file sitting in a folder on my hard drive.

Which brings me to Mangum’s latest appearance- grainy and dark. Unedited and out of sync.

 I can’t watch this performance without being overcome with emotion despite all the flaws.

I know the Salinger comparisons fly but Mangum has come out of hiding with just a voice and a guitar to speak.

So forget the Pynchon references and the politics down in lower Manhattan and just behold the man.

Jeff YOU have done a beautiful fucking thing here.

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  1. October 7, 2011 1:54 pm

    so have you, my friend. however subliminally, you’ve done jeff righteous justice here. well done!

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