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After the After Party or R&B Returns to its Dark Roots

January 25, 2012

Add some heavy guitars and you have the album Greg Dulli keeps trying to make.

Seriously this comes nowhere near Gentlemen (and what can for pitch black romantic angst really?) but it’s a good start.
And anyone that samples Beach House and Cocteau Twins is alright in my book.
Plus “From the morning ‘til the evening, complaints from the tenants / Got the walls kicking like they six months pregnant” is a line I’d kill to write while snorting the lines these guys are snorting. Or not.
Drugs or no there is some pretty good songwriting buried in the production. And the production is doing everything it can to beat down the vocal highs into a hungover morning after of depair and regret.
Meta-R&B for the masses peeps!

The Weeknd- Loft Music

Beach House Gila sample buried under all the above angst somewhere.

Plus it’s a free download here

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