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A Revisit to the Goon Squad

February 12, 2012

So it’s not about the music stupid.
Yes it’s based on my long lost double concept album from my half remembered memories of the 70’s but it’s about as accurate about music as Moby Dick was about whaling.

And the minutiae of the music industry and history are about as much of an interest to Egan as the aforementioned fish tale was to Melville.
Music = our youth and hopes and dreams.
Time is a goon and a bitch to those hopes and dreams.
Ok that’s a real simplification and it’s more like reading Proust while listening to Ziggy Stardust and watching Memento.
And speaking of Melville “Safari” is “The Whiteness of the Whale” of this book – it’s a friggin’ tour de force of literary brilliance that will be the ultimate barometer of whether you will go on this journey with Egan or kick her to the curb.

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  1. February 12, 2012 4:06 am

    couldn’t finish it. maybe the bar was too high. maybe i was……..

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