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Your Attention Please

March 2, 2012

Hey just cuz I heard the Whigs are having a mini reunion.
Marcy Mays sings the fuck outta this song and the Whigs back her up like a potential rapist in a dark alley against a wall of sound of screaming soul
It may not make any critics best lists but they’re all fuckin’ pussies sitting behind their Mac book pros writing about life as they heard it 3rd person from some sub pop band.
Gentlemen is a classic for anyone that’s been in the trenches of the battle of the sexes and came out bloodied and bruised with no hope and only a burgeoning drug habit for comfort.
These are the kinds of records that don’t get much praise from people whose only experience with life is through their record collection and the internet but make no mistake this is true art.
Motown shot down a black hole. A syringe filled with R&B and death metal.
A hard rock cooked with Prince’s bootleg outtakes.

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  1. March 2, 2012 3:58 am

    this stuff needs a bigger audience. just gave you a shout-out on twitter. let’s see if that helps. great, great musings………

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