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Lana Del Rey- An Appreciation

December 29, 2012

Empty beaches during the off season and lonely nightclubs just before last call bathed with strings from a 1960’s bandstand with 21st century production values.
I heard there is a loneliness so manufactured that the artifice threatens to collapse into a sea of depression and the tide will take you down to the dark depths where only prehistoric landscape will keep you company.
I can barely hear the mermaids singing over the bored monotone of one siren who’s told herself she’s seen it all so convincingly that in fact she has.
And my ship can’t help but follow this bored siren song until it crashes into jagged rocks constructed from cardboard left over from some B-movie set.

Every generation gets the Nico it deserves.
Lana is so empty I can see the abyss staring back at me and it tastes just like Pepsi cola.

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