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I am Meme

December 30, 2012

I’m doing well thanks for asking
Check out my latest status update
I posted a link that clearly displayed how smart and cool and clever I am
And the meme I linked to just had to telegraph how sensitive and politically aware I am
I am
But wait there’s more. There’s always more.
Life is great and the endings are always happy.
You gotta have hope and carry on
Like I carry on at the beach (check out this pic of my legs)
And here is a child my child and they are little angels
And everything is so groovy the LOLs just keep coming
Until they don’t
Sometimes life is real right
Like complicated and gray and dirty and in-between
And you can’t fit that into a status update can you
Can you?
Yes you can!
You can do it!
There ain’t no mountain high enough
But the valleys get pretty deep too

I’m doing crappy stop asking
Check out how negative I am
It’s there in my status update can’t you see?
It’s so dark out there only a Bukowski quote will do it justice
And I have to link a Cure video to make it all complete
That’s the cherry
The cherry on top of me
I’m doing well
I am


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  1. December 30, 2012 11:36 am

    check out my twitter profile. i beat you to the BACON ‘screaming pope’ by at least 24 hours. but thanks for asking……..

  2. December 30, 2012 2:59 pm

    (un)happy accident. an ugly post deserves and ugly picture hidden away somewhere on the internets

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