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February 13, 2013

He is constant motion even at rest. He is the storm in the calm and on some days he possesses all the potential we were born to achieve
While on others he acts the fool
He will wear you down with a stubborn curiosity and he will make you bite your lip in frustration till it bleeds blood red and question why you ever became a parent
He will inspire and deflate within a space measured by seconds and you will question your ability as a parent
He is constant fiddling and fumbling. He is energy and manic movement
A vibration
He will fight for nothing and burn for nothing
He will throw it all away
He is my beautiful bright burning boy
And he will burn it down to a mound of hot wax
And it will all be darkness in the end
And you will question
You will want to break him but you both will end up broken in the end
In darkness
Still you will get back in the cage with the tiger and his eyes burning burning bright and you both will lay defeated and beaten and exhausted and spent again
But you will both get up again and get back in the cage
Rubbing against each other’s hot spots till a spark ignites and becomes translucent blue
A light in the dark
Because it’s in that cage you will learn all the potential we were born into

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