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February 20, 2013

The Eraser but you can dance to it? Kid A with rhythm?
Try as he might Thom Yorke cannot escape his voice.
It’s too pretty. The siren in the 0s and 1s.
When backed by Radiohead’s angst it can be deadly and life sucking; a postmodern soundtrack for our millennial anxieties leading us to a rocky death.
Backed by the turntables and laptops and sequencers for Atoms for Peace it becomes the soundtrack for your morning latte or the party for your after party comedown enticing us to a sampled sleep.
AMOK is by no means bad nor is it great. And it’s not breaking any new ground.
And that’s its problem.
If you want emotion and tension in your digital squeaks and squawks get Burial’s Archangel.
If you want arty pretentiousness get thee to the new Flying Lotus.
If you want Radiohead angst set to an electronica backdrop please reassess King of Limbs because that record was pretty great and underrated.
Thom Yorke needs to stop dancing around it and just make a soul record. A Young Americans updated for the new millennium.
Now that’s something I could get behind.

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