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And Now We Pause For This Commercial Break…

February 24, 2013
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Running is flying one step at a time.
And if you’re gonna truly wanna soar these shoes are what you want on your trip.
Now I’ll run in anything and I know shoes don’t make the runner.
It’s all you.
But I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the Inov-8 245.
They are lightweight at 245 grams (hence the name) and have a 4mm heel to toe drop.
I love McDougall’s Born To Run (what lit obsessed runner wouldn’t?) and it inspired me to explore the minimalist scene and it’s worked for me. However I am old enough to know it’s not for everyone and certainly not a cure all. There is no right way to run. Heel striking, fore/mid foot landing, cushioned, barefoot, etc. it’s all good.
In other words, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
So back to the shoe-
With a lightweight feel and a 4mm drop these shoes are minimalist but have enough cushioning to get you through a marathon. My main issue with minimalist shoes is not the drop but lack of cushion.
I like to go on long (10+ mile) runs and when wearing Vibrams or Merrell Trail Glove I start to feel the ground and not in a good way.
These shoes allow for a light “minimal” feel but with enough space between you and the ground so you won’t have to do a tip toe ballet for 26.2 miles.
Plus it’s a real trail shoe. It has enough protection and lugs to get you through any muddy rocky trail.
I’ve personally run 13 miles on technical trials here at the US Whitewater center in NC with no issue.
And they are just as good on the road.
And but hey, it’s not the shoe, it’s you.


P.S.- These are Vibrams. They are crack for runners-

Either way screw the shoes and just go for a run.

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