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Drinking On The Run

February 24, 2013
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I drink therefore I run.
OK that’s not really true.
I run because I have to and it feeds my soul and mind but considering my obsession with craft beer it doesn’t hurt to have this particular obsession either (having 3 kids fuels it too I suppose).

Since I’ve left the big city (New York) 5 years ago and uprooted the family to live in suburban North Carolina I’ve developed a taste for craft beer.
Both obsessions- running and beer took root when I came here.
Not unseemly in a man my age. In fact dare I say it a necessity for traversing the little trials of family life and absurdity of corporate America.

I’m especially partial to American IPAs and this one here is one of the best of the breed-

It’s heaven in a pint glass.
The ultimate recovery drink.
Plan B if the runner’s high doesn’t kick in.

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