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February 25, 2013

So a very smart and cool friend turned me on to this long lost video-
Classic GBV from 1996

For the record this friend has a blog that I link to over there on the right.
Go ahead I’ll wait.
Anyway it should be required reading for anyone with any interest in pop culture by a man who’s actually been there and seen it firsthand like John the apostle to Richard Hell’s Jesus.
It’s so good that it’s the only blog I’ll link to on this site.
So back to the tape.
This long lost gem is the original Guided By Voices. Yup that’s Tobin Sprout there singing backup and Mitch Mitchell on drums. And of course our fearless leader uncle Rob Pollard fronting the whole thing. It’s better than the Beatles at the Cavern for this 90’s boy.
And speaking of these guys from yesteryear they just got back together. The original GVB lineup.

They gave us the gift of three records last year and I gotta say they were pretty sweet.
No they weren’t Bee Thousand or Alien Lanes but fuck did they expect John Milton to crank out a Paradise Lost every time he stepped up to the plate?
And the last one, The Bears for Lunch, had “Waking Up the Stars” which showcases in 2:14 everything that is awesome about the much under looked Tobin Sprout.

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