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Long Live the 90’s And Stuff Them Down a K-Hole

July 13, 2013

This band has got Tanya Donelly and Sebadoh influences all in a row

But I’d rather fall down a K-hole

Seriously I don’t know where to begin.
The first song has got feedback and the just cracking female vocals that recall Liz Phair in her Guyville prime and Pitchfork cred.
But the second tune/video is pure unabashed pop goodness.
Korean girls rapping better than they should- check
Gold plated soft drinks- check
Synchronized dancing- check
Unselfconscious pop star joy- check
Sugary hooks that will give you a toothache- check check.

Head vs. heart, heart will always win.

This is why critics need to get out more

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