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I’m Gonna Tell You How It’s Gonna Be…

December 28, 2013

just saw this and it’s pretty sweet.
I’m surprised David Chase’s first flick post Sopranos got such little fanfare.
the definition of a criminally overlooked film.

If you want to see a movie that captures the period of American history from the early sixties to the late seventies including Vietnam and the civil rights movement and Charles Manson and the Kennedys and the British Invasion and punk rock and the baby boomer generation gap told in miniature as a tale of a start up unknown rock band in Jersey destined to oblivion then stream this on Netflix now.
It’s a really beautiful small personal modest movie with epic scope about the power of rock and roll.
To quote the film, “I had to write a term paper, and I wrote about how America has given the world two inventions of enormous power. One is nuclear weapons. The other is rock ’n’ roll. Which one is going to win out in the end?”

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