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Super Strung Out Theory of our U.S. “2” Party System

July 23, 2019


Sometime back in the 1970s, the Democratic party made the decision that to win seats they had to stop being the party of the working class (working class=middle class, don’t let the establishment deceive you) and start courting big business.

Now of course this meant moving to the Right which in turn forced the Republican party to pivot further Right (this is just basic physics).

The greatest and most successful right-wing push in the Dem party was by our favorite serial rapist Bill Clinton.  Clinton passed NAFTA which was, at the time, the biggest anti-labor pro-giant corporate interest bill ever. NAFTA is the primary reason why Detroit looks like a Sci-Fi Dystopia today. In fact, NAFTA was written by Republicans but just needed that Bubba finesse to get it passed.

Even the Clinton/Gore campaign ad ran on Right wing polices- war on drugs, pro death penalty, etc. All polices that inordinately target lower income POC.

Fun fact-Clinton and Gingrich were about 24 hrs. away from doing away with Social Security until the Monica Lewinsky scandal killed it (another reason why Monica is the real American hero).

So again, with the Democratic party moving further right, the Republican party kept inching more and more far Right (I mean, it’s simple branding. You must distinguish yourself from the competition).

What happens when you go as far Right as you can? That’s correct, you enter BatShit country. You become the party of oligarchs and the 1%, which is cool when you need donors and campaign funding but doesn’t work out when you’re looking for votes in a (sort of) democratic Republic.

1% < 99%. It’s basic maths.

Now to find new voters, the GOP had to start looking for fringe subcultures to court since selling yourself as the party of the super wealthy isn’t going to inspire any regular folks to vote for you.

The 1st was the evangelical voter. Up until the late 60s/early 70s, the Republican party was pro-choice. It makes sense since freedom from the tyranny of the State is what Conservatism is all about at its philosophic core.  And what is more tyrannical than the State telling a woman what she can and cannot do with her body?

But to court this new voter they had to pivot to an anti-abortion stance.

After evangelicals, the next fringe group were gun nuts. And I don’t mean people that just enjoy hunting and shooting at pumpkins in their backyards  but those gals and dudes whose first sexual experience was rubbing one out to Soldier of Fortune magazine. The ones who equate guns with some mystical American experience. Basically, the gun nerds.

Fast forward to the present and the new fringe groups now are Neo-Nazis and White supremacists.

So, what I’m saying is, it’s all connected.

And oh yeah, there is no real Left in this country




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