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King Woman

January 27, 2015

kingwoman I’m still working out the legalities of marrying this song cuz I wanna spend the rest of my life here. When their new record “Doubt” drops on 2/17 you owe it to your music loving self to be there and grab yourself a copy. Kim Gordon and doom metal had a baby that was delivered by PJ Harvey and spoiled by her grandparents Black Sabbath. yeah, it’s that good. Now stop reading and start listening


This Band Should BE Your Life

January 26, 2015

no, really.
you should quit your day job and become a roadie or drive the tour van for these guys.
that’s what I’m gonna do.

The lead singer looks like James Murphy afflicted with the nervous ticks of David Byrne and they sound like the Fall mainlining Jesus Lizard.
In other words a recipe for brilliance.
Also unlike some Internet savvy bands like Chvrches they came up with a band name so generic its guaranteed to thwart any casual search engine query.
and that my friends is punk rock.

Lipstick Traces on Your Baseball Bat

November 13, 2014

Mitski swings for the rafters.

make this band huge and selling out an actual option for them…


September 7, 2014

Sad-eyed Lady of the Lowlands’ marinated in codeine.
It’s been a long, long, long time


September 7, 2014

I was driving thru the suburbs in my Galaxie 500 with the windows down just coasting on the bliss of a summer’s breeze

Pretty in Green

September 4, 2014

this was from the soundtrack of some forgotten John Hughes film lost to the nostalgia of the unremembered 80’s.
you might not get to dance with Molly Ringwald but listening to this will make you a better person.

The Power of BabyMetal Compels You!

September 4, 2014

evidence that the metal gods love us.
we may not be worthy but there you are.
we are living in the best of all possible times.
and this band is proof.